Poetry Booth (TM) is our unique travelling portal where you can record your own poetry, spoken word, music or simply thought for the day!

Poetry Booth is a unique opportunity for people of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds to engage in poetry as something meaningful and non-threatening. Like a big brother diary room, it is a way for them to share their poetry, lyrics or simply their ideas and aspirations to camera or audio in a private space away from any audience.

Content generated then can be shared within the local community through festivals, events or simply as a local archive of work. In fact it can be used in a variety of ways, including showing contributors work to each other and asking them to respond, utilising first ideas for future happenings!

The booth can record poems in a wide range of settings and community spaces including:

Schools          Arts Venues
Colleges         Community centres
Festivals         Libraries

In fact pretty much anywhere where people meet and might have ideas – from a school lesson to the busy worker grabbing a quick coffee in the cafe! We use a series of poetry and creative writing tools were used to encourage people to write their own poems which could then be recorded and filmed in the booth.

“Monkfish productions create unique artistic experiences accessible to a wide range of audiences. Poetry Booth is a world within a world. A modern day version of Alice in Wonderland - it asks communities to step inside and share their stories”

- Sarah Ellis, Spoken Word Producer