Word Circus is Monkfish Production’s unique multimedia spoken word led opportunity for poets, writers and artists of all backgrounds be they actors, comics, filmmakers, puppeteers, burlesque, visual artists as examples – new, emerging and established - to collaborate on creating a new piece of work on a chosen theme. It is an opportunity for poets and artists to share their work and to have their work interpreted by a range of other artists as part of the Word Circus process.

What participating artists have said about Word Circus:

“Monkfish's invaluable commitment at a grass roots level is so helpful. Enjoyed the experience and it was a great learning curve, appreciated Inua's drama/ presentation skills and his willingness to share these skills and valued the experience of working with everyone.” Ian

“..A great 3 days”  Chris

Shows to date created via this exciting process are:-

Big Love Potion @ The Round, Newcastle
The Dead That Never Lived @ The Mining Institute, Newcastle
Hand Me Down @ Arc, Stockton
Teeside Review Online of Hand Me Down

“A unique experience, I thoroughly enjoyed working under your guidance and you certainly gave me what I was looking for. Also appreciate your advice and it has helped me see things in a different light.” Rocky

“I enjoyed making the production so much. It made such a difference being there from start to finish rather than being handed a script. It’s an amazing experience. I think we all developed as a result of this.” Sarah